September 2017


Launch event at Charles XII, Heslington

Set in the grounds of the Charles XII Pub, the launch offered many people their first taste of Virtual Reality. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we hope to return soon.  


October 2017


Hallowscream at York Maze

Hallowscream is an event by York Maze that caters for up to 2500 people a night. We set up 3 VR tents with Arizona Sunshine (a zombie-based first person shooter) and gave people an unforgettable Virtual Reality experience. 


March 2018

crescentlogo (1).png

Pop up VR at The Crescent Community Venue

For Pop Up VR Sunday, held at the Crescent, we set up two VR headsets and ran various games and experiences including: SpiderMan, Rec Room and even a deep sea dive. We were able to link up two players in Rec Room and ran a 1v1 capture the flag. 


April 2018


Pop Up VR at Cresfest

We joined the Family & Gaming day of Cresfest entertaining children and adults with games and experiences. 


may 2018

Pop Up VR paintball at the Crescent 

We ran two HTC vives allowing for some ultra-competitive 1v1 paintballing.


July 2018

We popped up at the York Guild of Media Arts Summer Social held at Spark:York